Photography Lesson: Tell Any Story in 5 Pictures

Matt Hunt, Teacher of the Photography Lesson: Tell Any Story in 5 Pictures

I’ve used this space to tell photo stories and write in-depth explainers to make it easy to live or do certain other things, like legally fly a drone, in Thailand, and I have really enjoyed publishing in both English and Thai languages. And now, a photography lesson.

By utilizing ongoing SEO development, I’ve reached so many more people than I could’ve ever imagined. It is just one of many components in the overall of my work, which has become more exciting than ever.

I’ve often thought about writing more reflections or tutorials, which I may get to at some point, but for now, I’d like to show my first class. I shot and edited this by myself, and I intend to keep growing in that space.

If you enjoy my work or wish to learn one of the ways that I do one of the things that I do, you can buy the course below or, as always, tip me here.

Photography Lesson: Tell Any Story in 5 Key Shots 📸

I’m Matt Hunt, a documentary editorial photographer and working photojournalist based in Bangkok, Thailand.

I have been widely published, selling my pictures to agencies as a stringer and an independent contributor of editorial stock to several of the world’s largest editorial image distribution services, including Anadolu Ajansi, Getty Images, Rex Features / Shutterstock, Alamy, Zuma, et cetera.

In this series, I demonstrate a personal methodology, or checklist, that I apply to various environments to tell a complete story. Using this checklist, the DAMPS method, I can tell a story of anything, regardless of its level of action, intensity, human involvement, et cetera.

This course will teach you to use my personal method and build a real-life example of it with an editorial assignment I completed in 2023. These methods are individual, and the format of my course is informal, based mainly on a conversation-style format more than a university course.

As an extra step, the final episode discusses what steps to take after learning and implementing the DAMPS method, which should set you on the right course toward growing your work independently by presenting well-rounded stories quickly and efficiently.

The class costs $19.99 USD (~700 THB) for lifetime access and a PDF download of the DAMPS method checklist for all students to easily reference when building their own shot lists.