Casting Call

This page provides me with basic contact and inspiration information for future creative shoots. If you’re based in Bangkok and would like to work together, please fill out the form below.

This quick and easy process, which can be done on your phone, gives me a way to keep track of your information so that we can work together. If you need to reach me for other reasons, please reach out here.

Now casting for: pregnant models in/around Bangkok.
Images from this shoot will be sold by Getty Images and their subsidiaries (like iStock). The model will receive 3000 THB compensation for the 1-2 hour shoot and maintain non-commercial copyright of the images. This means that the model can post the images on their own websites, social media, etc.; they just cannot be sold for commercial use by any person or company except for Getty Images.

The location is TBD, as there are a few different scenes I’d like to shoot for this series.

At this time, I can only work with talent that is 18 years of age or older, unless the underage models appearing in the images have parental release forms. If you’d like to do a shoot with your family, please send me an email.